A collection of Photographs by Nicholas Parry.
My Youtube.ParryMediaChannel.

So I have this site as a way to practise making sites, and experimenting with code, also to display some of my photography projects, my aim is to add some dynamtic features to interect with viewers.


I've tried with this site, to make it load quickly, and be relativity simple to use, and provided you have a standards compliant browser, such as Opera or Firefox it should render elegantly.

With standards in mind, I've created these pages using XHTML 1.1 and CSS3, all the pages pass the W3C tests, and to the best of my knowledge follow the spirit of the guidelines.

It's not 2022 yet, but I've started to play around with HTML5 just for the lulz, any progress will be shown / updated via the link on the blog page

UPDATE : So it's 2016, about 2 years on from this, and HTML5 and mobile friendly webpages are the future :) So now I've gotta covert this for ipads and stuffs